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Silver can be used in all areas of life like dentistry where silver is alloyed with mercury and other metals to make dental fillings.To make dental amalgam, a mixture of powdered silver and other metals is mixed with mercury to make a stiff paste that can be adapted to the shape of a cavity. silver filling is what dentists often use to replace the area lost to tooth decay (cavities). This type of filling is technically known as amalgam, but can also be known as a mercury tooth filling. The use of silver filling in dentistry has been in debate for many years. This is because amalgam fillings use mercury, a substance that is poisonous.

The problem is that there is no definitive evidence that amalgam fillings are a health hazard. There have been concerns that absorption of mercury could contribute to several diseases, including Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, dementia and arthritis, but again, nothing has been proven. We recycle amalgam and all other silver materials with environmentally safe manners.

 pot of waste amalgam

Motion Color Film

To make photographic film, a thin strip of plastic is covered with a viscous material containing silver halide crystals. Because silver halide turns dark when exposed to light, photographic film is able to capture a "negative" image of that light the more exposed sections of the film are darker than other sections.

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 kodak Motion color film

Computer Boards

A motherboard is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals.The CPU, memory and peripherals were housed on individual printed circuit boards which plugged into the backplane. Gold is used in the making of computers. Gold is a good conductor of electricity, so it will often be used in motherboards for computers to transport the signals. Gold used in electronics is plated to improve quality of electrical conductivity. The amount of gold in a motherboard is very small, gold connectors have only microns of gold plating.

Dubai Silver Recycling is specialized in scrap Motherboards recycling. We recycle motherboards with the environmentally safe techniques. We buy your stock of scrap Motherboards. Please contact us to offer you our best price.

lots of computer boards that are compiling together

Computer CPU

CPU is often called the "brains" of the computer. This term has been in use in the computer industry at least since the early 1960s. Early CPUs were custom-designed as a part of a larger, sometimes one-of-a-kind computer. Both the miniaturization and standardization of CPUs have increased the presence of these digital devices in modern life far beyond the limited application of dedicated computing machines. Modern microprocessors appear in everything from automobiles to cell phones and children's toys. Computers and electronic components contain gold and other precious metals.

We buy stocks of scrap CPU for recycling. We are interested in both plastic scrap CPUs and ceramic scrap CPUs.Kindly contact us for more info.

 stock computer CPU

Dental xray films

The purpose of dental radiography is to record images of a patient's oral structures on film by using X-rays. Dental radiology is the most vital tool in veterinary dentistry. The first dental radiograph was taken in 1895 by Dr. Otto Walkoff. Within 10 years, radiographs were being used for diagnosis of medical and dental conditions, also X-ray therapy as well as scientific studies. Dental radiographs are essential in most cases to make an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis is the basis for understanding the prognosis and in deciding how to treat our patients. Dental photographs are essential in performing dental procedures, in evaluating procedural success and in documentation of dental and oral health.

We buy all types of expired dated or short dated dental x-ray films. We buy kodak dental films, Agfa dental films, Fujifilm Dental films, Foma Dental films and etc. We buy expired dated or short dated OPG dental films, panoramic dental film and etc.

blue pack of X-ray film for dental use

Gold ore

Gold ore is a type of ore that can be obtained through Mining gold rocks in various places. Gold ore is commonly found by stone blocks deep underground, in a vein of 2-8 blocks. Gold ore can be smelted in a furnace to create gold ingots. Also Refined gold ore can be melted, poured and cast into almost any shape to make jewelry.

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 medium stone of gold ore

Industrial Xray Film

Radiographic Testing , or industrial radiography, is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation to penetrate various materials. Silver is used in all conventional radiographic films. We buy stocks of expired and used industrial films or NDT films for silver recycling purpose.

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four pack of industrial x-ray films

Litho Film

Litho film designed for use in the graphic arts for line or halftone work. Litho is a photographic process designed for preparing negatives for commercial offset litho print. Litho film only records black and white, with no gradations, and is typically supplied in rolls capable of producing SRA2 cut sheets. The negative or positive litho film often using a razor-blade and Rotring pen, could be adjusted by hand. The final film would then be used to make printer's plates. A digital press does not require plates at all, and the output is directly sent from the computer to the press. So in this method litho is removed from the process.

To achieve the highest possible contrast that the Litho film is designed for, negative or positive, the film must be properly processed.
We are purchasing used litho films as well as expired graphic art films from printing presses.

lithography films

Medical xray films

Medical X-ray films are widely used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. It is used by medical professionals to diagnose and treat medical conditions. The diagnostic side of radiography uses specialized equipment to creat images, such as x-rays, that show the inside of the human body.

Medical xray films are produced in many types and sizes. Silver is used in making these films, that's why silver recycling companies tend to buy used or expired dated medical films.

As a leader Silver Recycling company in the Middle East we purchase outdated and used medical x-ray films for silver recycling purpose.

Two pack of fujifilm medical x-ray film

Mobile Phone Boards

A mobile phone or cell phone is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites. Gold is used on the circuit boards within mobile phones and silicon chips are stuck in with it to prevent corrosion.

Silver is used on the soldering. Mobile phones also contain tiny amounts of other precious metals including Platinum. The battery connections of any mobile phone and these are almost certainly gold-plated contacts.

We are a buyer of mobile phones and mobile boards.

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Old mobile phone board

Photo film

Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or an electronic sensor.

Silver is used in photo films in very small amounts.

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four Kodak photo films

Printing Plates

Offset printing is the process of printing by indirect image transfer, especially by using a metal or paper plate to ink a smooth rubber cylinder that transfers the ink to the paper. The rubber cylinder gives great flexibility, permitting printing on wood, cloth, metal, leather, and rough paper. Offset printing, a development of lithography, is based on the principle that water and grease do not mix, so that a greasy ink can be deposited on grease-treated printing areas of the plate, while non-printing areas, which hold water, reject the ink.

Printing processes such as offset lithography use printing plates to transfer an image to paper or other substrates. These plates may be made of metal, plastic, rubber, paper, and other materials. An example of metals used in the plates is silver and is called silver plate.

offset printing plates

Silver batteries

A silver oxide battery, also known as a silver–zinc battery, is a primary cell. It also may be used as a secondary cell. Silver oxide batteries have a long life.
They have very high energy to weight ratio. Because of the high price of silver, these silver oxide batteries have a prohibitive cost for most applications. These silver oxide batteries are available in either very small sizes as button cells where the amount of silver used is small and not a significant contributor to the overall product costs, or in large custom design batteries where the superior performance characteristics of the silver oxide chemistry outweigh cost considerations.

We buy all kinds of silver oxide batteries from button size watch batteries to military silver batteries.

lots of silver batteries

Silver braze

Silver Soldering or Brazing is a very versatile means of making joints by using a fusible alloy as a filler material between similar or dissimilar parent materials. The filler, which has a lower melting point than the metals to be joined, is either pre-placed or fed into the joint as the parts are heated.
Brazed joints are generally stronger than the individual filler metals used due to the geometry of the joint as well as to the metallurgical bonding that occurs. Most metals can be brazed, and the range of available brazing alloys has increased as new alloys and new service requirements are introduced. Brazed joints are highly reliable and are used extensively on rockets, jet engines, and aircraft parts.

We buy used silver brazing rods. We prefer to buy silver rods in original form.

some silver braze sheets

Silver Coins

One of the best ways to increase the silver supply is to reuse silver that has already been mined. Rather than put effort and labor into mining more silver, we can recycle silver that is already in use. You can help replenish the silver supply when you sell silver to a silver buyer and get instant cash for silver.
We buy scrap silver coins for silver recycling purpose. If you have silver coins, also you wish to sell them just call us or email us.

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old and antique silver coins

Silver flatware

Household silver or silverware (the silver, the plate) refers to dishware, cutlery and other household items made of sterling, Britannia or Sheffield plate silver. The term is often used for the items made of silver, stainless steel, or a silver-plated base metal. "Silverware" also refers to dishes used for serving food and some decorative objects such as candlesticks. Silver requires a good deal of care, as it tarnishes and must be hand polished, since careless or machine polishing ruins the patina and can completely erode the silver layer in Sheffield plate.

In middle-income households the few items of silver or silver-plate may be displayed on a buffet or in a cabinet or china cabinet or breakfront, but a larger collection of silver is usually locked away in a secure room or a special silver safe. The purchase and use of silverware, however, have been steadily declining since World War II, perhaps because families are to spend money on it and have neither the time nor the servants to care for it. However, sterling silver is still for sale and is still being collected and enjoyed by those who can afford it.
We buy second hand Silver flatwares.

A set of silver flatware

Silver ore

An ore is a type of rock that contains minerals with important elements including metals. The ores are extracted through mining; these are then refined to extract the valuable elements.
Metals may be present in ores in the native form, but more commonly they occur combined as oxides, sulphides, sulphates, silicates, etc. The ores must be processed to extract the metals of interest from the waste rock and from the ore minerals.

Nearly all rock deposits contain some metallic minerals, but in many cases the concentration of metal is too low to justify mining the ore. Some ores are simple chemical compounds, while others are chemically complex minerals. Important ores of aluminum, iron, manganese, and tin are oxides; important ores of antimony, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, and zinc are sulphides. Some metals, called native metals, occur uncombined in nature, e.g., copper, gold, platinum, and silver.
We buy Silver ore from all around the world.

 A stone of silver ore

Telephone exchange

Precious metals are a key component of virtually all telephone systems.Only small amounts of precious metals are needed for the manufacture of telephones. Gold is the most common precious metal used in telephones.
Telephone cables and phone jacks are often plated with a gold and steel alloy. Platinum is often used in relay contacts between telephone systems and switchboards.Another precious metal, palladium, which is practically invulnerable to corrosion, is used in the contact points of the telephone's circuitry and in the contacts used for telecommunication systems.

The transmitter in a telephone consists of a vibrating diaphragm made with gold and other materials.
We buy scrap telephone exchange and telephone exchange relays.

pilling of telephone exchange