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We are Emirates Silver Recycling

A big company that focus on customer demands, Emirates Silver Recycling meets constantly the changing impulse of our clients and generated by-products.

Our firm Recycling retains pride in the flexibility maintained to meet the specialized cases of each client that is serviced.

Emirates Silver Recycling philosophy

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Integrity is our core value

Operating with extreme focus on INTEGRITY for more than a century.

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We value stability within our organization

Maintaining STABILITY ensuring bills are paid accurately and on time.

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Our engagement, equates to superior customer service

ENGAGEMENT ensures the best customer service and involvement in our communities

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We strive to maximize your potential

Shipping directly to end consumers to MAXIMIZE returns.

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Experience creates expertise

Comprising the EXPERTISE that empowers W. Silver to be innovative and flexible.

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Our truth is built on transparency

Servicing with TRANSPARENCY often lacking in recycling.