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Waste Disposal Services

Emirates Silver Recycling Waste Disposal Services provide the widest range of treatment and disposal options in the industry for all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Waste Types

Hazardous Waste Experts can help you manage all hazardous waste types and other regulated material. Some examples of hazardous waste types that we routinely handle are:
Any Waste – Any Place

Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste
• Ignitable          • Corrosive           • Reactive • Contaminated Soils
• Toxic Metals       • Used Solvents       • Sludges  • Acids & Caustics
• Plating Solutions  • Cleaning Solutions  • Lab Pack Material
Chemical Waste
• Chemical Disposal        • Chemical Recycling   • Acid Disposal
• Glycol Disposal          • Acetone Disposal     • Acetonic Disposal
• Cyanide Waste Disposal   • Ammonia Disposal     • Pesticide Disposal
Laboratory Waste
• Lab Packs     • Laboratory Waste Management     • Chemistry Lab Waste
• Disposition of Unused Chemicals

Our Environmental, Health and Safety policy

leave Conduct all recovery operations in a responsible way to promote safety for our employees, neighbors, clients and the local community.

leave Comply with all applicable laws, policies, standards and directives.

leave Achieve zero accidents.

leave Continual improvement through effective programs

leave Promote awareness of policy, objectives and targets.