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dot Dental Xray Film


The  purpose  of  dental  radiography  is  to  record images of a patient's oral structures on film by using X-rays. Dental radiology is the most vital tool in veterinary dentistry. The first  dental  radiograph  was  taken  in 1895 by   Dr. Otto Walkoff.   Within   10 years, radiographs were being used for diagnosis of medical and  dental  conditions,  for  X-ray therapy,  and-  for scientific studies.
Dental radiographs are essential in most cases to make an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis is the basis for understanding the prognosis and in deciding how to treat our patients. Dental photographs are essential in performing dental procedures, in evaluating procedural success and in documentation of dental and oral health.


dental film




We buy all types of expired dated or short dated dental x-ray films. We buy kodak dental films, Agfa dental films, Fujifilm Dental films, Foma Dental films and etc. We buy expired dated or short dated OPG dental films, panoramic dental film and etc.



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